The MOTOR Aircraft Repair Enterprise carries out works on processing of agricultural and forest lands, elevators, warehouses, granaries, poultry and cattle-breeding premises with the help of universal gas-dynamic installations of disperse chemical and biological treatment "Taifun" and "TaifunM".

The principle of operation of the plant is the dispersion of the working solution in order to create an aerosol cloud for processing fields, forests, awkwardness, and enclosed spaces.

The MOTOR Aircraft Repair Enterprise offers the following services:

Chemical weed control treatment of grain crops
Chemical treatment of fields and forests with insecticides against locusts, Colorado beetle, meadow moth, tick-borne encephalitis, bug-bug, etc.
Fumigation of elevators and granaries
Desiccation of sunflower and cereal crops
Disinfection and disinfestation of poultry and livestock houses
Introduction of growth stimulants for cultivated crops
Disinfection of urban landfills
Removal of tree and shrub vegetation along power lines, oil and gas pipeline routes, railways and highways

Here you can download the price-list for chemical treatment services offered by the MOTOR Aircraft Repair Enterprise

The enterprise offers a flexible range of discounts to its customers.


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