We manufacture and sell controllable propellers, including ones with reverse.

It is designed to be installed on engines equipped with a hollow shaft speed reducer.

Estimated maximum power is 200 hp. for a screw of diameter up to two meters.

The controllable propeller is operated by an electric actuator and is designedto be installed on motors equipped with a hollow shaft speed reducer. The adjustment of the blade angle can be made smoothly throughout the whole operating range. It is possible to use it onRotax Subaru Suzuki engines and etc.

The recommended range of the controllable propeller usage is from 100 to 200 hp.

The positive thrust achieved throughout testing was 380 kg and the negative was 165 kg. The engine used was Subaru EJ-20.

The controllable propeller can be used on aircraft, airboats, hovercraft.It is profitable to install it on gyroplanes. While spinning the rotor, you can set blades to zero angle, so to eliminate traction and to fully use engine power without using brakes.






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