Repair of aircraft engines is the main activity of Aircraft Repair Enterprise MOTOR, which is recorded in the enterprise's charter and is confirmed by the relevant certificates of compliance of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and the Aviation Register of the IAC.

As a repair service company providing overhauling services of APU AI-9 (B) since 1990, MOTOR Aircraft Repair Enterprise is fully equipped with technological facilities and benches, a station for repair works, and rich experience ensuring high quality of the repaired equipment.

The repair technology, created directly at the MOTOR enterprise, includes the most complete repair cycle of a specific aircraft engine (APU AI-9 (B)), its parts, units and assemblies, which takes into account all the improvements according to specifications which will increase reliability and operating time.

The enterprise performs both overhaul and restorative repair of engines. Engines are repaired when they reach limit values or when critical state of their parts and units is detected.

Terms of repair works

APU AI-9 - 30 calendar days

APU AI-9V - 45 calendar days

Information request

If you are interested in services of MOTOR Aircraft Repair Enterprise for repairing aircraft engines, you can learn more from the standard contract in the Contracts section and contact us for more information.


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