Productionof all-metal wings for ULA

All-metal wing with space for installing the fuel tank.

Wing assembly in a holding frame

Wing static tests

Sets of all-metal wings can be made suitable for individual customer requirements.


Repair and modernization of ULA

The aircraft that was designed according to the customer's drawings is a two-seater semi cantilever high wing with a normal aerodynamic scheme and has a tail group and a non-retractable tricycle-landing gear with a controlled nose wheel.

Testing take-off.

The aircraft is equipped with a 73.5kW (100hp) four-stroke opposed piston engine ROTAX-912ULS with a fixed-pitch tractor three-bladed propeller.The engine is located in the fuselage nose and covered with a fiberglass hood.

The airframe of the aircraft is made of duralumin D16T. The riveted construction with load-carrying skin provides required strength and rigidity having small weight.

Aircraft in flight.

The single-spar wing of the aircraft is equipped with a fixed slat and two-piece full-span drooped ailerons. Ailerons in the mode of synchronous deviation (drooping)act asflaps on takeoff and landing.Use of slats and ailerons of large area increased efficiency of lateral control at low speeds and significantly reduced probability of a spin.

Metal semi-monocoque fuselage of rivetedconstruction with rectangular tail section has sufficient strength and rigidity combined with high technological design.There are a motor compartment, a crew cabin, a fuel tank, equipment and control system in the fuselage.

The side-by-side two-crew cockpit iscovered with a spacious polyester glass canopy that provides a good view.The heating and ventilation cockpit system creates comfortable working conditions for the crew.

Instrument panel

The tail unit of an airplane consists of a strut braced stabilizer with a keel altitude control and a rudder. The main support of the chassis is a single shaft which is made of 7075 aluminium alloy and to which ends the brakeweels are attached. The front leg is dirigible and equipped with a strong buffer spring, not a brakewheel. All the wheels are made for one pneumatic with the size of 450x190 low pressure (p = 1.2 kg/cm2).

The plane has a dual control, is fit up with a set of flight and navigation equipment that allows to fly during the daytime according to the rules of visual flights from ground concrete, and asphalt takeoff runways.

The aircraft can be used for primary training of piloting technique; also, if upgraded with additional equipment, it is possible to use it for patrol and forest protection issues, for aerial surveys, crop dusting, in conditions of off-aerodrome location.

​ ​ 

ULA complexes KIT assembling

The plane was assembled in 8 months in 2010. Now it pollinates agricultural fields.

Semimonocoque fuselage of riveted metal construction has a rectangular-sectioned tail unit. Combined with high level of technological design, it makes the construction durable and stiffness.

A side-by-side cockpit is covered with a spacious glass polyester canopy, which provides a good view.

Instrument panel

The plane is characterized by a fixed slat for quick take-off, flaperons along the entire span (combining flaps and ailerons), one-moving rudder.


ULA design and manufacturing for customers' individual requirements

The aircraft is designed for cross-country and touristic flights, as well as for primary training of piloting technique.It is also possible to use it for patrol and forest protection issues, for aerial surveys, when the plane is upgraded with additional equipment.

According to its aerodynamic configuration, the plane is a double-seat semi-cantilever high-winged aircraft of a normal aerodynamic scheme with a closed cabin and a non-retractable tricycle landing gear with a dirigible nosewheel.The planewill have a dual control, will be fit up with a set of flight and navigation equipment that allows to fly during the daytime according to the rules of visual flights to an altitude of 3,500 meters from ground and artificial takeoff runways.


Lightweight two-seat all-metalmulti-purpose aircraft (ed. 05)

The aircraft is designed for route and tourist flights and for initial training in piloting. With additional equipment, it can be used for patrolling, forest protection and aerial surveys.

In terms of its aerodynamic configuration, the aircraft is a two-seat strut braced high-lift of a normal aerodynamic design with a closed cabin and a three-bearingnon-retractable landing gear with a steerable nose wheel.The aircrafthas a dual control and a set of flight and navigation equipment allowing the pilot to fly in the afternoon according to the rules of visual flights up to an altitude of 4200 meters from ground and artificial runways.

Video from the second evaluation flight

Video from the third evaluation flight

Basic Aircraft Data​

Aircraft geometric data
Length of aircraft, m 6.2.
Wing span, m 9.5
Aircraft height, m 2.4
Wing area, m2 12.6
Mean Aerodynamic Chord, m 1.4.
Wing curve P III A-15%
Aircraft flight data
Maximum speed of horizontal flight, km/h 210
Cruisespeed, km/h 170
Operatingceiling, m 4200
Maximalflyingdistance, km 1500
Ascensionalrate, m/s  


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